How To Cure Acne In Weird Ways


We frequently have some interesting guests in our hotel. We’ve had celebrities, magicians (this was a fun night), wine expers (an even better night) and doctors. Last week we had a group of dermatologists in our hotel. They were attending a nearby conference on how to cure skin conditions. My daughter has struggled with acne for many years now, so I took the opportunity to corner a few at the bar and ask some questions. What they told me shocked and amazed me at the same time, as the acne cures they were sharing were the ones you don’t read about online. For all the research I’d done, this was the first time I ever came across the advice they gave me.

I know this is a hotel website, but I though I’d share some of the tips they gave me, just in case it helps you as well!

Tip 1 – Use Birth Control

best birth control for skinApparently, some birth controls actually help cure acne. Never hear this before, but when the top dermatologist in the state tells you something, I think you should listen. He gave me some guidance on how to find the best birth control for acne. From my own research, Yasmin seems best to cure hormonal acne. You’ll need to go to a doctor to discuss your options.

Tip 2 – Use Natural Oils

essential oilsApparently, despite oily skin causing acne, using oils can help get rid of acne. I’m not sure how this works, but you can find the best essential oils to use for acne here:
Some of the best oils for bad skin include Argan oil, Tea tree oil and Jojoba oil. I’ve personally bought some Tea tree oil t try on my own skin, as I heard it also helps with wrinkles!

Tip 3 – Diet Doesn’t Matter As Much

Apparently having some chocolate, crisps and soft drinks won’t make too much of a difference. While its advisable to eat healthy, eating super healthy won’t actually get rid of acne, especially if it’s hormonal acne you’re suffering from. So, by all means, eat healthy, but don’t feel like you can’t indulge in some nice food once in a while.

So these were my biggest takeaways from talking to some of the best dermatologists in the country. They are simple tips, and anyone can follow them. Well, if you’re make, then birth control will not help you at all. But natural oils could though!

Remember, your skin is different to mine. So what works for one person, might actually cause a bad outbreak for the other person. So keep trying and find something that works for your skin.

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