Top Tips To Make Your Hotel Stay More Comfortable

Hotel Tips

Hotels can be incredibly nice, but sometimes you will miss the comfort of being in your own home. There’s plenty of tips, tricks and hotel hacks to make your stay more pleasant. These simple, quick-witted tips can help make your hotel stay much more enjoyable.


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Get Upgraded

In an era where everything can be done online, it is always a great idea to call a hotel when you are making your reservation, talking to a member of the hotel will make you more aware of everything the hotel has to offer and it allows them to know exactly what you are looking for as well. If your stay at the hotel includes some type of celebration or milestone, be sure to mention it on that call. Often the members of the front desk are happy to give you a room upgrade at no extra charge.

Keep the Drinks Coming With These Two Hotel Room Hacks

If you have multiple beverages to keep cold, you can use the trash can as an ice bucket. The bin should already have a clean plastic bag in it, but if not you can always use the plastic laundry bag located in the closet, line the bin and head to the ice machine for a fill up. If you need even more space for your drinks, fill the sink with ice and let your cans and bottles chill there.

Speaking of bottles, chances are you forgot your bottle opener when you packed your luggage. No problem! Simply open the bathroom door, line your bottle cap up to the empty lock latch at an angle, apply pressure and pop the top right off.

hotel tipsUse The Hotel TV More Efficiently

Sharing the hotel room with your family or friends? That can get annoying fast! If you find that the outlets in the room are in odd spots, or your family has taken over every opening, you can use the TV to charge your device. Nowadays, the TV sets usually have a built-in USB port you can hook your device right up to and begin charging, another bonus is that often the TV is placed on a nice table or hutch, off the floor, so your device will be too.

You can also use the TV to watch your live streaming shows and movies on the big screen. With an HDMI cable hooked to your laptop, smart phone, or tablet and to the HDMI port in the back of the TV, you can see anything that is playing on your device appear on the big screen in the room. This will avoid you being billed for expensive movies as well. So a time saver and money saver at the same time!

Shower Cap Sanitation

For some, the most uncomfortable feeling about staying in a hotel room, are the germs. A simple tip that can make a big difference is using the complimentary plastic shower cap to cover unsanitary items, such as, the TV remote and faucet handles. With the clear thin plastic you are still able to easily use these items without coming in direct contact with them. Also, you can always ask for a few extra caps to keep you covered.

Dining Table Tip

Don’t want to leave the room for food? Eating on the bed too messy? While most hotels don’t offer adequate dining space in the room, we have a great tip for you. You can use the ironing board for a spacious dining experience. Sit on the edge of the bed, pull the ironing board up to your legs, cover it with a fresh towel and you have a perfect table fit for multiple people.

These creative traveling tips are tried and true, and they can help you enjoy your hotel stay and make you feel more at home anywhere!

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